This weekends parties

I will be glad when they are a bit older and they don’t invite so many to their parties (and so won’t get invited to quite so many!!)  With 3 of them now getting invites it is a rare weekend when we don’t have at least one party to go to…this weekend it was two!

Before the first party me, Caitlin and Austin went shopping while Noah went to football.  They all needed a few summery bits for our holidays which are coming up.  I let Caitlin pick her own things, and then we went to the changing room to try them on.  She’s never really had a proper shopping trip like that before, I usually just pick bits up as I’m out and about.  She loved trying things on and picked herself 2 bikinis, a dress, some jeans, a pair of party shoes and a beach coverall.  So she is now all set for going to Malaga and Majorca!!

In the afternoon Caitlin had been invited to a cinema party and I went along to help out.  We went to see pirates which was great and then they had a pizza hut tea.  There was a bit of a wait at pizza hut because they won’t let you reserve a table, but they were all happy enough playing on all the statues….

On Sunday Noah had a party.  It was fancy dress and Noah wanted to go as a princess!!!!!!!!  I should have let him, he would have looked hilarious!  His 2nd choice was to go as a fireman….

…complete with shades!!  They played the funny faces game….

…and sleeping lions.  We were all convinced Noah had actually fallen asleep….he didn’t move at all, and he won!!

He then pinched a girls hat and to clown around in!!!!


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