School trips

Last week Noah went on a school trip to pets at home….a nearby pet shop!!  Although I am laughing at a school trip to a pet shop apparently it was great!!  Noah now wants every animal under the sun…not a chance!!!!!!!

Today I went with Caitlin’s class to the Legoland Discovery Centre.  They all had a great time.  One of the reasons I volunteered was that there is a new ride where you get to drive a lego car around and I really wanted to try it.  When I got there I discovered adults aren’t allowed on it!!!!!  Caitlin loved it though….  I did take a photo of Caitlin on the car ride but I deleted it by accident!  I had 5 kids in my group and they were all great, we got lots done.  We built sky scrapers and tested them in earthquake conditions, went on all of the rides and went to the 4D cinema.

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