More funny things they say!

At school they are learning all about having a growth mindset and believing in themselves.  They quite often watch things on their white boards about people who have trained or worked really hard to achieve something.  With the Olympics going on at the moment they’ve watched a few stories of athletes lives and how they have come to be competing in the Olympics.  They’ve even had a visit from some local swimmers who have won medals.  While we were walking along today Caitlin was telling me all about a man in the paralympics.  It went like this……in a fairly dramatic tone….

“There was a man on our white board, and he lost BOTH of his legs…”

…Me – Oh that’s not good…

“Yes but that is NO EXCUSE for giving up!!!”

…Me – no I suppose it isn’t….

“Yes, it’s no excuse and so he didn’t give up….and now he’s in the Olympics!!!”


I love how they are making them so determined!!  Later in the day I was telling someone about what she’d said and they jokingly said…what if someone had no head….that would surely mean they couldn’t be in the Olympics…and Caitlin had a think and said….

“they could be in the backward walking race”!!!!!!!!!!!


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