The funny things they say…

Today I was doing a picture book with Austin and there was a picture of a house…so I asked him a few questions….

Me….What’s this (pointing at the door)


Me….What’s this (pointing at the window)


Me…What’s this (pointing at the roof)


Me…What’s this (pointing at the chimney)


Glad to know we have brainwashed him on the car parts so much that he thinks houses have spoilers!!!!!!

Later on today we were eating tea and Noah was as usual talking non-stop about any random thing!  He was discussing driving to France and said he was taking Elvis and Caitlin could drive Jap Taxi.  Austin then decided he wanted to take Alfie but Noah said he wasn’t big enough and so to go in Elvis with him.  They then decided to leave us with Jap Taxi and just take Elvis but Noah would drive!!  Noah then announced he would bring me back a t-shirt and some chocolate as a present and he’d bring Richard some bolts and some chocolate!!!!!!!  No idea how his mind works!!!!!!


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