Red House Farm

A few of the boys from Noah’s class were going to Red House Farm today so we joined them.  The weather wasn’t looking like it was going to be too great so we put loads of layers on and got ready for rain!  When we got there the others were on the barrel ride so they wanted to wait for the next one and go on that too….

It’s ages since we’ve been here and I’m not sure Austin has ever been on the barrel ride.  He was a bit unsure to begin with but loved it once we got going.  After the barrels we went to try out the climbing wall….

Surprisingly Noah was really scared….I couldn’t believe it..he’s normally completely fearless, especially of things that are a bit dangerous!!!!!!  But he refused to even try to climb up….whereas Caitlin tried really hard and got some of the way up.

Austin was too small to go on the climbing wall so he went on the inflatable next to it….

After climbing and our picnic we went over to the other barn to dig for treasure!!

…you were supposed to sieve the muddy water to find the little coloured stones like Caitlin is, but Austin sieved it and picked out all the filler rocks and Noah just scooped the muddy water straight into his bag!!!

They had a few more goes on the barrel ride and also managed to find a tractor with some left over charge in it!!!!!!!!

…so typical of Noah to get the one with left over money in it!!   They had a brilliant day, and the sun even came out for us!  We were just about to go home when it came out and stayed out making it quite warm, so we all stayed for a few more barrel rides and more goes on the tractors, were Noah again managed to get a working one!!!!!  We then went and claimed our prizes for completing the Easter quiz and did a bit of shopping for tea in the farm shop before home!!



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