A trip to Liverpool

Today we went to Liverpool to see Nanny and Grandad….  They all went to the museum while I went to some fabric shops looking for fabric for Alfie’s seats.  They did the Egyptian passport thing at the museum and had to find out all kinds of things about mummy’s etc.  They did all of the tasks and got some stickers and a poster.  After dinner they had some money to spend which they had got for Easter and so we did a bit of shopping.  Noah decided to get a Liverpool scarf…..

…which will please Peggy who gave him the money as she’s a big Liverpool supporter.  We then had a few goes on the rides near to the Liverpool shop…

Then Caitlin and Austin went to a toy shop to spend their money.  Caitlin got a zu zu hamster BBQ set and Austin…surprise surprise…picked hot wheels cars!!!!!!!

When we got back to Nanny’s she did a little Easter hunt for them….

…they all had 5 little eggs to find, which they found really quickly….

I think this basket Caitlin has is mine from when I was little!!!

After tea we headed home armed with a tonne of chocolate!!!!


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