A friend spotted a deal for a session at Illumin-arte   I’d already seen the deal and was about to mention it to her so we were both really keen to go.  It was for 4 people to do a mosaic session.  I have got all the things to make a mosaic for the garden so I really wanted to see how it should be done rather than just read about it.  The place was brilliant, quite small so we had the place to ourselves and there were 2 girls helping us.  They were brilliant with Austin and Noah, helping them to get enough glue on and persuading them to put the tiles the right way up and not overhanging the edges too much.  I made the turtle you can see next to Noah….

Everyone had a great time Noah and Austin both made trains which were a bit gappy really, but neither of them could be persuaded to add any more tiles!  Caitlin’s was brilliant and so she is saving hers for a Christmas present!  They then all made a smaller mosaic which are all going to be Christmas presents!

I was a bit gutted I didn’t get to make a second mosaic too…but neither of the adults did!!  Hopefully if the sun comes back at some point I can make a start on my own mosaic for the garden.  Illumin-arte also does stained glass workshops which look fantastic…might give that a try along with all my other wild plans I have for when Austin goes to nursery!!!

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