Mini’s versus Beetle’s

Today we went to York Raceway to watch Mini’s versus Beetle’s.  It was even with 8 wins each for the Mini’s and Beetle’s over the past 16 years…so today was the decider!  There were also lots of other cars racing and Noah as usual was impressed with the ones with the biggest exhausts and spoilers!  He especially loved this blue one and made himself a little video of a walk around it while it had its engine running!

In the practice runs some mini’s went up against normal cars and sometimes won…..

We watched most of the races on the grandstand but I think Austin must have been just at the wrong height and the bars were right in his view.

As you can see above the weather wasn’t fantastic but we managed to avoid any heavy rain.  The track was still pretty wet and a few cars spun or came close, you can just about tell that this one was about to veer off to the right….


…there weren’t any dramatic crashes though!  Noah took about a million photo’s all day of all kinds of things….chocolate on the floor, cars, exhausts, engines….

As usual the final races of the day are the official runs with one mini up against a beetle….with the cold weather it felt like forever to wait…

Eventually they raced and we mainly supported the mini’s…although we were a bit torn when a campervan was up against a mini…

I’m not actually sure why campers class as beetles for this race but they do!  Anyway once all of the races were complete the final results were in and it was a draw…for the first time ever (in 17 years) so it is still 8 a draw….  Maybe next year we’ll have a bit of sun and maybe even take Elvis (or even Alfie) to race!!

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