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It’s the weekend so what do we do…PARTY!!!!!!!

This weekend was Caitlin’s best friends birthday celebrations.  Yesterday Caitlin and another girl went to the theatre to watch Little Red Riding Hood as part of the celebrations!  She said it was great, although the girls mum said Caitlin was a bit scared at times.

Today was her main party and it was at soft play so I took Noah and Austin along too.  They all had a great time playing and then it was time to go to the party room

After a while her friend’s mum came to get Austin and Noah to have some of the left over food….

…and then of course they joined in the games!!!!!!!

Then it was back outside to play in the balls…..


After a while they opened “the big blue slide”……and yet again Noah was determined to go on it….and he sat at the top…and I sat at the bottom (for a long time!!)….but this was all I saw….

…one very empty slide!!!!!  Maybe next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Party on!!

So far this year we have been to 21 parties……some of them joint parties!!!

….and we have another 4 (for 5 people) over the next 2 weeks…..  Good job I like kids parties!!!!!!!

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Dead grass

Our grass is rapidly dying!!  With every little bit of sun there are at least 3 kids racing around on it!!  Austin and Noah playing football or riding their bikes….

…or Caitlin just running around, riding her bike or pedal racer….

….all very destructive to our poor failing grass!!  Me and the kids are off to Wales soon so Richard is going to try to save it while we are gone and it can have a week off from being abused!!!!!!!!!!

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Final party (for this weekend!!)

Two hours after Noah’s party was a joint party for 2 girls in his class. There was just about time for us to tidy the sports hall and get home to open his presents!  They had an entertainer so it was slightly less strenuous than Noah’s party….

They played sticky statues where they had to stick to their partner or in this case…the floor!!!!!

There were also lovely cakes and Danish pastries for the adults.  Once it was food time they all lined up and told the entertainer what they wanted to be when they grow up….Noah said deep-sea diver!!!!!!!

Once it was over they all went home exhausted!!!!!!!  Noah played with a few of his presents then it was bed time ready for school!!!

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Noah’s 5th birthday party

Noah had a football party.  Since the whole of his class appears to have been born in the first quarter of the year today was the first date that seemed to be free for his party…except after we sent the invites out another 2 girls had also chosen today for their joint party.  Luckily the times didn’t clash and they were very different parties so we did both.  Noah’s was in the morning, so off we went to a nearby high school to borrow their hall.  They started out with a warm up.  I just love Noah’s running, he is so determined!!!

After the warm up they got split into 2 groups.  Noah’s group (which included Caitlin) played a game were half of them had to run around the cones while the others passed a ball backwards down the line…

While Noah’s group did that Austin’s group played on the big inflatable.  Poor Austin looked tiny compared to all the bigger kids and the man was a bit concerned Austin wouldn’t be able to manage the inflatable, but once the man had helped him in…

….he was in his element and loved it!!!!!!

I think the man was quite surprised how capable he was!  Noah’s group then had a go at some cricket games…

Then it was time to swap and Noah got a turn on the inflatable…

…and Austin got a turn at cricket….

…again he gave it a really good go.  He really joined in with all of the older ones and he had a brilliant time!  Then it was time to swap again and Caitlin and Noah played football which Noah loved.

They then swapped one last time before it was the end and they all lined up to sing happy birthday to Noah…

..before going through for cake and party food….

…and blow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He had a great time, as did Austin!  All of his friends seemed to enjoy it too….and they all left and went home to get ready for the next party in 2 hours!!  I bet they’ll all sleep well tonight!!!!!

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Party on!!

Well last weekend we had no parties to go to so this weekend we made up for it by having 4 (for 5 children!!)  Every week we have a stack of presents ready to be given out…I even have a set place for them at the moment!!!

They started with a party that Austin was invited to on Saturday morning (after football and during ballet!)  It was quite a small party in their house so I didn’t manage to get many photos, so this is the best one of Austin!!!

He is gripping some cheesy wotsit type crisps that he kept going for!!  He was very chuffed because he won the pass the parcel.

After Austin’s party it was Caitlin’s turn to go to a party.  Her class are just doing smaller parties this year so she has had loads less invites than Noah, so it was nice for her to get one.  She was invited to a dizzy disco party which after our experience there a few weeks ago I was a bit wary of….but it was great!  Maybe my complaint to them worked!  Caitlin’s party did start 15 minutes late but once it did start it was fine, and actually made me realise how conned we had been last time.  Caitlin’s party got balloon modelling, a fancy dress box to play with….

…the host actually stayed and gave out prizes for the best dancers….

…they even got plates with their food and they have added drinks to the package!!!!!  Caitlin had a great time and joined in loads this time.

When we got home it was a mad rush to get ready for the party tomorrow which was Noah’s!!!!!!!  There was lots of cake making….

…and the actual birthday cake to make….

….before party time!!!!!!!!!!  (I’ll give Noah’s party its own post!)

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Today Noah was invited to his friends house for tea.  His friend is Japanese and is due to go back in a few weeks, so his Mum made some sushi for them to try.  I was gutted because Noah refused to even try it!  I thought Noah was quite adventurous but it would seem not!

He had a great time and did not want to leave when I went to pick him up, it’s a real shame his friend will be leaving….

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Every week I take Austin to a playgroup, it costs more than the usual ones (but not massively expensive) and there is a woman who organises a craft table and she has some brilliant ideas.  This week they were making sea scenes….

…and she made the fish out of the cardboard layers in fruit crates…..

They were brilliant, and so simple!!!!  They also have loads of toys and singing at the end which Austin loves.

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Parents evening

Yesterday Noah had another note home from school, to say he was the Star of the Day, again….

…this time for getting all of his spellings right every week so far!  He has a slight advantage over the others in that he was peering over Caitlin’s shoulder just last year and knew most of them then.

Caitlin has also got all of her spellings right every week too, but her teacher doesn’t seem to do the note home thing…and they didn’t seem to do it last year for her either!

Tonight it was parents evening.  Noah’s teachers were very positive about him, he is doing well at reading and maths.  He gets on well with everyone and is always keen to join in.  He loves doing jobs and is always first to volunteer to help.  He loves outdoor play and again is always first to get in line to go out.  Noah has the same teachers that Caitlin had last year and although they are great and really nice, they are fairly vague at parents evening and they were tonight too.  Very complimentary…but a bit vague.

Caitlin’s current teacher is also lovely and Caitlin seems to have really clicked with her.  She is also a lot more specific at parents evening.  She said Caitlin is doing brilliantly at her reading and that she has tested her and she is reading at age 8 years and 6 months which is 2 years ahead of her age.  I was amazed by this, I knew she was doing ok at reading, but had no idea she was doing that well.  Again her teacher said she is doing well at maths too but that Caitlin really doesn’t believe she is doing well.  Caitlin’s writing is great and so is her drawing, and she is also always really well-behaved.  So again a glowing report for Caitlin too.

So altogether fantastic reviews of both Caitlin and Noah.  With a great idea of exactly how well Caitlin is doing.  I just wish Noah’s teachers were more specific as to how he is doing…we can guess by comparing him to Caitlin but it would be nice to have it confirmed.

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Another weekend with no parties!!

We had a totally free weekend which is a rare occurence for this year (except football followed by ballet on the Saturday)!  On the Sunday we all went shopping to help Noah spend his birthday money.  He got himself some cars lego and some other bits and bobs.  We also met a lightbulb which Caitlin and Noah thought was quite funny, Austin just looked very suspiciously at it, which I suppose is good since he normally has hysterics!!!

They also got to spend their world book day vouchers, but we didn’t manage to get the things we were supposed to be getting which were the things we needed for Noah’s party next weekend.  Later in the evening we decided to have a family take away!!  Weirdly the kids have never had a take away, well with the exception of a chippy tea, and they loved it!!!

I have never seen Noah eat so much at home!!!!!!  We had pizza and they got to pick which toppings they fancied off the menu.

We’ve never really been able to get take away pizza before because of Caitlin, but since just before Christmas she has been gradually having more and more milk products and doesn’t seem to be reacting so I think she has grown out of her allergy.


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