Guess what??…it’s party time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah yeah…I know this is wearing thin…but another weekend ….another party!!!!!!!!!!!  It was in a soft play and there is a hammock type swing thing which Noah had a great time spinning people in, and being spun in!!

…and then Austin (who’d come along to play with a few of the siblings who are his little friends) joined in the spinning and Noah thought it would be a good idea for them to get in together….

…this was obviously a step too far for Noah and he came out looking a really odd colour and had to sit down for about 10 mins!!!  Austin was completely unfazed by the spinning and went off to the slide with one of his friends….

Noah loved the party once he had recovered from the dizzyness!!  After the party we went on a last minute shopping trip ready for our holiday!!!!!!!!

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