Rainbow’s Got Talent

Caitlin’s Rainbow group did a Rainbow’s Got Talent for the parents tonight.  Caitlin told me she was doing gymnastics with her friend, when we got there she seemed to be doing it alone…in fact most of the Rainbow’s were doing gymnastics!  There was very little room so she just did a few cartwheels, a hand stand and a forward roll….

She did really well and was quite a bit braver than some of the girls.  Austin and Noah came along to watch too and they loved watching everyone.  Afterwards all of the Rainbows did a group dance for us and then they played musical statues which Austin and Noah gatecrashed!!!

And Noah pinched Caitlin’s feather boa…what was left of it!! They each had one and by the time the did their joint dance there were a lot of feathers on the floor!!!!!!


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