Mini’s in Wales

This weekend was the Wales weekend…each year we go off with the mini club for a weekend of driving in Wales.  This year we stayed here…..

We went driving around the Welsh hills and countryside….

We ended up in Llandudno where we all went on the toboggan run…

I used to come here at the weekend when I was at school so I love coming back!!!

Afterwards we went back to the house for drinks and a BBQ (well pizza for me and Richard which was good since the BBQ took forever!)

On the Sunday we went to Bala for more driving….

While at Bala we went down to the edge of the lake…

and got some nice photo’s….

We then went to the local go-kart track before we headed home and some of them stayed for an extra night.  The weather was amazing and Elvis held up well considering he hasn’t had much attention over the past year!!!!


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