Mothers Day

Before I took the kids to the party I got some presents….chocolates which we shared after breakfast!!!!!  Socks, ear rings and smellies!  Straight after the party we went for a flying visit to Nanny’s to give her presents.  While we were there we all played Happy Families, which was great…Sunday always used to be game day when we were little and it reminded me of that!

Grandad was helping Caitlin…

…and I was supposed to be playing with Austin…but he was more interested in stealing strawberries!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just before we had to leave they played out in the front for a while, playing hide the bag!

We then had to head back as we had a table booked for a meal out in a new little Italian near to ours.

It was really nice, very small and kind of felt like we were on holiday!

For some reason the kids wanted to try our drinks because it was a special occasion…so we let them….as usual Caitlin was not impressed…

Noah actually seemed to really like it and wanted more….no chance!!!!!!

I’m not entirely sure what Austin thought????

We had a brilliant day….with a nice meal even if it did last a bit longer than we thought it would and meant they were a bit later to bed than we’d hoped.


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