It’s the weekend so what do we do…PARTY!!!!!!!

This weekend was Caitlin’s best friends birthday celebrations.  Yesterday Caitlin and another girl went to the theatre to watch Little Red Riding Hood as part of the celebrations!  She said it was great, although the girls mum said Caitlin was a bit scared at times.

Today was her main party and it was at soft play so I took Noah and Austin along too.  They all had a great time playing and then it was time to go to the party room

After a while her friend’s mum came to get Austin and Noah to have some of the left over food….

…and then of course they joined in the games!!!!!!!

Then it was back outside to play in the balls…..


After a while they opened “the big blue slide”……and yet again Noah was determined to go on it….and he sat at the top…and I sat at the bottom (for a long time!!)….but this was all I saw….

…one very empty slide!!!!!  Maybe next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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