Noah’s 5th birthday party

Noah had a football party.  Since the whole of his class appears to have been born in the first quarter of the year today was the first date that seemed to be free for his party…except after we sent the invites out another 2 girls had also chosen today for their joint party.  Luckily the times didn’t clash and they were very different parties so we did both.  Noah’s was in the morning, so off we went to a nearby high school to borrow their hall.  They started out with a warm up.  I just love Noah’s running, he is so determined!!!

After the warm up they got split into 2 groups.  Noah’s group (which included Caitlin) played a game were half of them had to run around the cones while the others passed a ball backwards down the line…

While Noah’s group did that Austin’s group played on the big inflatable.  Poor Austin looked tiny compared to all the bigger kids and the man was a bit concerned Austin wouldn’t be able to manage the inflatable, but once the man had helped him in…

….he was in his element and loved it!!!!!!

I think the man was quite surprised how capable he was!  Noah’s group then had a go at some cricket games…

Then it was time to swap and Noah got a turn on the inflatable…

…and Austin got a turn at cricket….

…again he gave it a really good go.  He really joined in with all of the older ones and he had a brilliant time!  Then it was time to swap again and Caitlin and Noah played football which Noah loved.

They then swapped one last time before it was the end and they all lined up to sing happy birthday to Noah…

..before going through for cake and party food….

…and blow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He had a great time, as did Austin!  All of his friends seemed to enjoy it too….and they all left and went home to get ready for the next party in 2 hours!!  I bet they’ll all sleep well tonight!!!!!

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