Parents evening

Yesterday Noah had another note home from school, to say he was the Star of the Day, again….

…this time for getting all of his spellings right every week so far!  He has a slight advantage over the others in that he was peering over Caitlin’s shoulder just last year and knew most of them then.

Caitlin has also got all of her spellings right every week too, but her teacher doesn’t seem to do the note home thing…and they didn’t seem to do it last year for her either!

Tonight it was parents evening.  Noah’s teachers were very positive about him, he is doing well at reading and maths.  He gets on well with everyone and is always keen to join in.  He loves doing jobs and is always first to volunteer to help.  He loves outdoor play and again is always first to get in line to go out.  Noah has the same teachers that Caitlin had last year and although they are great and really nice, they are fairly vague at parents evening and they were tonight too.  Very complimentary…but a bit vague.

Caitlin’s current teacher is also lovely and Caitlin seems to have really clicked with her.  She is also a lot more specific at parents evening.  She said Caitlin is doing brilliantly at her reading and that she has tested her and she is reading at age 8 years and 6 months which is 2 years ahead of her age.  I was amazed by this, I knew she was doing ok at reading, but had no idea she was doing that well.  Again her teacher said she is doing well at maths too but that Caitlin really doesn’t believe she is doing well.  Caitlin’s writing is great and so is her drawing, and she is also always really well-behaved.  So again a glowing report for Caitlin too.

So altogether fantastic reviews of both Caitlin and Noah.  With a great idea of exactly how well Caitlin is doing.  I just wish Noah’s teachers were more specific as to how he is doing…we can guess by comparing him to Caitlin but it would be nice to have it confirmed.

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