Robot building

This week it was robot building for Noah at school.  It’s a project that they do in reception and parents go in to help.  There are 3 sessions…building, painting and decorating.  I went along for building and luckily Austin slept for the whole time so it worked out quite well….

On day 2 Richard went in for painting, and on day 3 Austin slept again and I went in for decorating!  Noah has called his robot Jack….

…Jack has a watch and shin pads!!  He also has spikey gold hair along with some buttons and a back pack that isn’t visible in the photo!  I think the shin pads are hilarious, they are bits of bubble wrap stuck to his shins!!  Noah has been collecting bits and bobs for his robot for ages and now Austin has been sucked into the excitement of robot building and has started collecting his bits!  Although Austin says he is NOT going to school….


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