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Fortunately after our measly food platter at the dance dizzy we were actually going for do-nuts with mini club so it was ok that the kids were still a bit hungry!  My co-driver Caitlin took a few photo’s on the way of the other minis…

…I think Caitlin needs a few lessons on taking photo’s on the move!!!

We all had a do-nut, Caitlin and Noah loved theirs…Austin took one bite…that I made him have just to try it…and he hated it!!  He did love watching the do-nuts being made though and wearing the hat!!!

Caitlin and Noah even managed to get a do-nut each straight off the production line for free!!!

We didn’t manage to get home until after 10pm…good job it’s the holidays!!!!!


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Dance Dizzy party at Parrswood

Now I must stress straightaway I was not paid to write this…in fact I actually paid them to go along…in fact I paid extra because I had the extra child!!!!!!!

We booked a party at the Dance Dizzy room at Tenpin, Parrswood…..the blurb said …

“exclusive use of the new Dance Dizzy room for six children, plus a delicious food platter and host”

…we had 7 children so we paid extra for the additional child.  It’s been a while since we’ve been to Tenpin and every time I go I am amazed by how scruffy and dirty it is, and it seems to get more so every time!  Our host took us to the room and (with our help) switched the Wii on for us, she gave each child a Wii controller and then abandoned us never to be seen again!!!!!

Noah and Austin got straight into it…..

in fact Austin was really good….

Caitlin refused to join in, she just kept saying she didn’t know what to do even though we were showing her.  They all then got bored with that game so we changed the disc.  With no sign of the host we did it ourselves, as she had abandoned us but had kindly left 7 Wii games behind…lucky we were honest and didn’t swipe them!!  Changing the disc was a bit of a nightmare as it was mounted to the ceiling so I climbed onto the back of the sofa behind Noah on the picture about to change it…although to be fair that is the slightly dubious method used by the host in the beginning!!!  Eventually Caitlin got warmed up and joined in…

Soon it was time for our “delicious food platter”……

…..looks tasty doesn’t it!!!  At this point the platter had arrived with no plates or drinks, I found the manager and mentioned our host had abandoned us 5 minutes into the party and asked for some plates….he couldn’t have cared less!!!!!!!!  And apparently plates weren’t included (mind you I don’t know why I thought they would specified host and that wasn’t actually included..plates weren’t mentioned so there was no hope…no wonder the place is so filthy!)!!!!!!  Neither were drinks and neither was food for the 7th paid for child!!!!!!!  He was so rude and dismissive.  Eventually a young lad appeared with a jug of water for us…he did seem to care and changed the the kids and us dancing and apologised a lot for us being abandonded…shame he arrived over an hour and a half into a two hour party!!!

So if you are considering holding a dance dizzy party…don’t!!!!!!!!!!  It was awful!!!!!  We would have been better off going to one of our houses and playing on the Wii for 2 hours with one burger split between 4 bread rolls for a fraction of the cost!!!!!  It’s a good job it wasn’t a special occasion!!!!!!!!!!

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Train rides

I was looking after a friends kids after her night shift so me and Richard took them all to a nearby garden centre.  We got there a bit before the train rides start so we went for a drink and cookie!!  A babychino for Noah….

…and once Austin had stopped falling backward off his chair and scaring the old lady behind him half to death, he had orange juice….

After the drinks we went around the aquatics centre and then the kids were fascinated by the garden ornaments!!!  Then it was time for the train rides….

…they all got 2 rides each and loved it….

After the train ride they played in the kids area for a while…

…before we had to head back for Richard to go to work.



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Yep…you guessed it…another weekend…another party!!

Another boy in Noah’s class turns 5!!  He had a DJ and party.  The DJ was great, the kids all loved him.  He had them all shouting hello….

He then played musical statues but every time someone was out they got sweets!!  Noah wised up to this instantly and was first out…..


…he ate his winnings and then joined in again…was out again…ate the sweets and then amazingly did it AGAIN!!!!!!!!  There were more games and more dancing with some air guitar!!!!!!

…and then he did some hand stands!!!!!!!!!!!

He had a great time, along with the others!  The DJ was very funny….near to the end of the party he had all the parents up doing the macerena and some other dances!!!!!!!

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A day of football

It was freezing cold, but off we went to football with Noah…well off I went!!  The others stayed tucked up in the warm!  This week they were playing/training outside on the astroturf.

I forgot to take him some gloves so he spent most of the time with his hands buried in his pockets, but he enjoyed it much, much more today.   He really didn’t get dribbling the ball, he just kept kicking it as hard and far as he could…then wandering off after it with his hands in his pocket!!

Once football had finished it was a quick stop off at ballet for Caitlin and then we all went to wacth Stockport County play.  We’d got free tickets through school and thought it’d be a good outing.  Noah loved it…..

…and even Austin thought it was quite exciting.  Caitlin spent the whole time (and afterwards) confused about who she was supporting!!  I just felt very close to the pitch!  I have only ever been to Anfield before and even that was a long time ago, but County’s ground is tiny by comparison. 

We had hotdogs at half time….

It was a draw in the end with Newport only equalising in the last few minutes….but they all seemed to enjoy it and we’ll definitely be going again when they offer more tickets!!


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Reception assembly

We went to Noah’s first assembly this morning.  It was brilliant, it was all about teddy bears and Noah had 2 lines to say….

“We compared the weight and height of our teddy bears”…

(weird blocking out of the other children incase they don’t want to be on the internet)

and…”I have been up the chimney said little bear, I found a rocket and flew to the moon.  You and your stories said Mrs Bear, whatever next”…

He said both of his sentences really clearly, he was great….although the rest of the time he did spend a lot of time examining the cut on his arm!!!

Afterwards he gave us a lovely smile with Noah Bear….

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Noah’s certificate

Today Noah came home with a little certificate in his bag.  It said “Noah has made a tremendous effort today in our best dressed teddy competition”

They are doing teddy bears as their theme at school at the moment, and they have all been making clothes for their teddies.  Noah’s certificate was for making and colouring the best clothes for his teddy.  He made a jumper…..


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A very busy Saturday

We started off with Noah’s first football session.  He has been pestering to go to football for ages but I’m really reluctant to add another commitment to our weekends.  Also neither of us are really into football so it’s just not something we have been that keen on.  Anyway I have found a football session who are happy for you to turn up as and when you like and it is really cheap which means we’re not losing out if he doesn’t make it, especially when we start going away in Alfie over the summer.  So we set off in the freezing cold, although luckily this week was indoors.  I’m not sure what Noah was expecting from football but he cried for most of it.  The coach was amazing, he got some others to help Noah, put him in charge of shouting colours out and basically worked really hard to encourage him.  Eventually he stopped crying but was not impressed with the whole thing….and doesn’t want to go again!  Ironically even though I really wasn’t keen on him going I now think he should go at least a few more times because I really don’t think it’s a good idea to quit at the first try!!!  So we’ll be back next week!!!

After football I went home to drop Noah off and collect Caitlin to take her to ballet!!!  I left Caitlin at ballet and went home to pack the car for the mad afternoon and collect Noah and Austin so we were ready to leave for swimming straight after ballet.  Caitlin and Noah had had to miss swimming last night for the party so Graham had squeezed them in this afternoon which was great but made us really struggle for time.  We just about made swimming with about a minute to spare, luckily I had made Caitlin get changed in the car on the way which she just about managed with her seatbelt on!

I had my camera with me as we were going straight to a party after swimming and the pool was empty so I took some pictures.  They had a lesson to themselves and practised swimming on their fronts and backs….

They got to have a go of some hand flippers as well.  And as usual spent loads of time crashing into each other!!

They also did some diving….

After swimming we had to get changed really quickly and go straight to a party for Noah.  You could pay for siblings to go and since there wasn’t enough time to go home to drop them off I had to take Caitlin and Austin along too.

It was a gymnastics party so Caitlin loved having a go on all the equipment….

….and Noah loved lifting himself up on the bar again!!!

…and playing on all the other things….

Caitlin had a go at practising her splits too….

Noah and his friend J were pretending to be monster trucks and taking turns to be the scrap cars that the truck jumps over!!!!!!!!!!

After the party we went straight to Gemma’s as she was looking after the kids while me and Richard went to a 40th party.  How I made it to all of the places throughout the day I don’t know!!  Everything was cutting it fine because it was snowing and the traffic was bad.  We eventually made it to the party and could relax!!!!!

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Party Friday

Today we had party invites for all 3 of them!!  We started off with a party for one of Austin’s friends D.  He was just having a few friends to play at a local soft play.


They all had a great time running around and going on the super fast blue slide!!!

It’s a great soft play for Austin’s age, it’s quite small and just right for little ones.

We played until dinner time then it was a quick stop back home for something to eat and then straight off to Austin’s swimming lesson.  Straight after that it was Caitlin and Noah’s turn to have a party invite.  It was for a girl in Caitlin’s class but she als knows Noah quite well and so had invited him too.  It was fancy dress so Caitlin went as ….

…surprise, surprise….a princess!!!!!!!!!!  Austin wasn’t really invited but Richard was at work so I had to take him along so he went as a racing driver….

…and Noah went as an astronaut…a plate spinning astronaut!!!!!!!!!!!!

The entertainer had a big basket of prizes which they could all win throughout the party for good dancing, standing on the right coloured square, good circus skills….

They all loved picking their prizes and each prize went into their party bags.  Caitlin and Noah especially liked the pompom’s…..

Then there was party food for all….

…before it was home for bed ready for an even more hectic day tomorrow!!!!!!!!

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