Sunny Sunday

Today was lovely and sunny so Noah put on his football boots (he is seriously in love with them) and went out in the garden to practise his football.

Unfortunately there was a little moving obstacle….

…more unfortunately the obstacle didn’t block the ball as it crashed into my mosaic garden ornament!!!!!!!!!!!!  I think if Noah continues to love football it will not be our last casualty, I just hope the windows survive since we have very old real glass windows!!!!!!  The grass certainly isn’t going to survive…it is destroyed already!!


In the afternoon we went for a pub lunch/tea in a fantastic pub our friends found.  We’ve been twice’s great, there is an indoor play area for kids, but not a soft play type thing, a more varied play area with play stations, puzzles and other bits.  The puddings are amazing, although the main courses are so big it’s hard to fit one in…but you can “cake away”.  Should have taken a photo of the puds actually!!  The cake slices are about 15cm tall….very nice but very sickly!!!!!!!  (It’s for anyone local with kids)  Noah got more presents!!!!!!!

He got cars and some football cones….the grass has no chance!!!!!!!!

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