Dance Dizzy party at Parrswood

Now I must stress straightaway I was not paid to write this…in fact I actually paid them to go along…in fact I paid extra because I had the extra child!!!!!!!

We booked a party at the Dance Dizzy room at Tenpin, Parrswood…..the blurb said …

“exclusive use of the new Dance Dizzy room for six children, plus a delicious food platter and host”

…we had 7 children so we paid extra for the additional child.  It’s been a while since we’ve been to Tenpin and every time I go I am amazed by how scruffy and dirty it is, and it seems to get more so every time!  Our host took us to the room and (with our help) switched the Wii on for us, she gave each child a Wii controller and then abandoned us never to be seen again!!!!!

Noah and Austin got straight into it…..

in fact Austin was really good….

Caitlin refused to join in, she just kept saying she didn’t know what to do even though we were showing her.  They all then got bored with that game so we changed the disc.  With no sign of the host we did it ourselves, as she had abandoned us but had kindly left 7 Wii games behind…lucky we were honest and didn’t swipe them!!  Changing the disc was a bit of a nightmare as it was mounted to the ceiling so I climbed onto the back of the sofa behind Noah on the picture about to change it…although to be fair that is the slightly dubious method used by the host in the beginning!!!  Eventually Caitlin got warmed up and joined in…

Soon it was time for our “delicious food platter”……

…..looks tasty doesn’t it!!!  At this point the platter had arrived with no plates or drinks, I found the manager and mentioned our host had abandoned us 5 minutes into the party and asked for some plates….he couldn’t have cared less!!!!!!!!  And apparently plates weren’t included (mind you I don’t know why I thought they would specified host and that wasn’t actually included..plates weren’t mentioned so there was no hope…no wonder the place is so filthy!)!!!!!!  Neither were drinks and neither was food for the 7th paid for child!!!!!!!  He was so rude and dismissive.  Eventually a young lad appeared with a jug of water for us…he did seem to care and changed the the kids and us dancing and apologised a lot for us being abandonded…shame he arrived over an hour and a half into a two hour party!!!

So if you are considering holding a dance dizzy party…don’t!!!!!!!!!!  It was awful!!!!!  We would have been better off going to one of our houses and playing on the Wii for 2 hours with one burger split between 4 bread rolls for a fraction of the cost!!!!!  It’s a good job it wasn’t a special occasion!!!!!!!!!!

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