A day of football

It was freezing cold, but off we went to football with Noah…well off I went!!  The others stayed tucked up in the warm!  This week they were playing/training outside on the astroturf.

I forgot to take him some gloves so he spent most of the time with his hands buried in his pockets, but he enjoyed it much, much more today.   He really didn’t get dribbling the ball, he just kept kicking it as hard and far as he could…then wandering off after it with his hands in his pocket!!

Once football had finished it was a quick stop off at ballet for Caitlin and then we all went to wacth Stockport County play.  We’d got free tickets through school and thought it’d be a good outing.  Noah loved it…..

…and even Austin thought it was quite exciting.  Caitlin spent the whole time (and afterwards) confused about who she was supporting!!  I just felt very close to the pitch!  I have only ever been to Anfield before and even that was a long time ago, but County’s ground is tiny by comparison. 

We had hotdogs at half time….

It was a draw in the end with Newport only equalising in the last few minutes….but they all seemed to enjoy it and we’ll definitely be going again when they offer more tickets!!



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