A very busy Saturday

We started off with Noah’s first football session.  He has been pestering to go to football for ages but I’m really reluctant to add another commitment to our weekends.  Also neither of us are really into football so it’s just not something we have been that keen on.  Anyway I have found a football session who are happy for you to turn up as and when you like and it is really cheap which means we’re not losing out if he doesn’t make it, especially when we start going away in Alfie over the summer.  So we set off in the freezing cold, although luckily this week was indoors.  I’m not sure what Noah was expecting from football but he cried for most of it.  The coach was amazing, he got some others to help Noah, put him in charge of shouting colours out and basically worked really hard to encourage him.  Eventually he stopped crying but was not impressed with the whole thing….and doesn’t want to go again!  Ironically even though I really wasn’t keen on him going I now think he should go at least a few more times because I really don’t think it’s a good idea to quit at the first try!!!  So we’ll be back next week!!!

After football I went home to drop Noah off and collect Caitlin to take her to ballet!!!  I left Caitlin at ballet and went home to pack the car for the mad afternoon and collect Noah and Austin so we were ready to leave for swimming straight after ballet.  Caitlin and Noah had had to miss swimming last night for the party so Graham had squeezed them in this afternoon which was great but made us really struggle for time.  We just about made swimming with about a minute to spare, luckily I had made Caitlin get changed in the car on the way which she just about managed with her seatbelt on!

I had my camera with me as we were going straight to a party after swimming and the pool was empty so I took some pictures.  They had a lesson to themselves and practised swimming on their fronts and backs….

They got to have a go of some hand flippers as well.  And as usual spent loads of time crashing into each other!!

They also did some diving….

After swimming we had to get changed really quickly and go straight to a party for Noah.  You could pay for siblings to go and since there wasn’t enough time to go home to drop them off I had to take Caitlin and Austin along too.

It was a gymnastics party so Caitlin loved having a go on all the equipment….

….and Noah loved lifting himself up on the bar again!!!

…and playing on all the other things….

Caitlin had a go at practising her splits too….

Noah and his friend J were pretending to be monster trucks and taking turns to be the scrap cars that the truck jumps over!!!!!!!!!!

After the party we went straight to Gemma’s as she was looking after the kids while me and Richard went to a 40th party.  How I made it to all of the places throughout the day I don’t know!!  Everything was cutting it fine because it was snowing and the traffic was bad.  We eventually made it to the party and could relax!!!!!

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