Party Sunday

It was time for yet another party for Noah!!!  This time one of his best friends.  They all had a great time playing some chasing catch all of the germs!!!!!!!

They did some limbo’ing….

Noah was actually suprisingly good at this, although none of them got all that low!!  There was the usual party food…I think all Noah has eaten at the weekend since Christmas is party food!!  And he still has parties for the next 3 weekends….and 2 on one of those!!!!!!!!!!  As we left the party me and Noah spotted a really cool old Bentley in the carpark….

It belongs to the birthday boy’s grandad…it was immaculate!!!!  Straight after that party we had another to go to, my friends son’s.  They have got a dog so Caitlin spent the entire time either hiding behind me or avoiding Jasper!!  Noah doesn’t mind Jasper….

Austin was fascinated by Jasper…he ran a mile if he came towards him but then if he turned to go away Austin was straight after him!!!!  He had a great time feeding him crisps….

…he was told to feed him a crisp!!  I’m not sure he was too happy about that actually…I think he’d have rather eaten the crisps himself!!!!!!

Luckily Noah and Caitlin both said they didn’t want a dog when we got home…which is good because there is no way we are getting one!!!!!!!!!!!

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