Noah to another party….

It really is party season for Noah!!!  He had another one to go to, a little girl in his class.  This one had a disco with some games, they started out with dancing….  (this is him dancing with one of his best friends – not that you can see him!!! but you get the idea!)

The DJ also did a few games with them, one of which was name that tune.  He wanted artist and track…needless to say it did not work….none of them had a clue what he was on about!!!!  There was party food during which Noah and another friend were plotting….

…go on…it’ll be funny….

…ha ha ha ha………got it!!!!!!!

….hilarious I got a party ring!!!!!!!!

After the fun at food time there was more dancing.  And just like at the other party he was dancing with a girl from his class…except this time it was a different girl!!!!!

He danced with her for ages….although to be fair he does talk about this girl a lot!!!  He met her during the first week of school and even Austin knows her name!!!!

Again she is loads taller than Noah.  It’s weird Noah always seems quite tall because he is pretty much the same size as Caitlin but it would seem he’s average if not on the short side!!  Mind you both J & B are tall!!  He looks so funny in this picture….he pulls such funny faces!!  “Jack-the-lad” Noah….

Then it was back to being squashed by the boys!!!!!!!!!!!



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