Icy weather

It has gone really cold and icy…but that hasn’t stopped Noah wanting to go out in the garden…and so out he went, along with his little shadow Austin, and even Caitlin didn’t want to miss out.

They all had a great time riding around on their bikes…..


Weird how they don’t care that there is barely enough room to get going!!  Austin had his first proper go on his balance bike, he’s just about tall enough now!

They played on their bikes, in the various bits of ice that they found dotted about and just generally playing about.  Caitlin was the first to get too cold and come in, but Noah and Austin stayed out to play football…they both put their new goaly gloves on and Austin looked hysterical..like he had giant comedy hands!!!

Noah is really into football at the moment and is desperate to join a team somewhere..trouble is they are all at weekends and we’re hoping to go away in Alfie at the weekends once the weather gets a bit better.  They both spent ages playing football….luckily not kicking the ball too hard since they were facing the back windows and door!!!!!!

Austin had a great time copying Noah…he copies everything he does.



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