Back to school

This week has been back to school and both Caitlin and Noah have been moved up a stage in their reading.  Noah is doing amazingly with his and even pinched one of Caitlin’s books and read the whole thing only needing help with the odd word.  Caitlin’s reading has also really come on over Christmas, she seems to be able to read anything you put in front of her.  She even does the voices for the characters, it’s very funny.  I’m not convinced she performs very well in school because she can read all of the books they send home really easily, but she is happy and making great progress, and picks up any book she fancies from her shelf once she has done her school books.

It would seem that every child in Noah’s class has a birthday around now….over a third of the class is born in January or February…so he has been getting party invites left, right and centre!!!

Today was also back to swimming and all three of them got straight back into it….but they are all (well not Austin actually!!) completely exhausted…

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