Last day of the holidays

We had one day left before it was back to school so I asked the kids what they wanted to do…they both picked soft play and the weather wasn’t great so we did that.  Noah asked specifically to go to Zoom, his reason being that when he went there on his birthday last year he wasn’t allowed to go on the big blue slide because he wasn’t old enough and he really wanted a go!  He’d asked if he could pretend to be 5 and I’d said yes.  I know he is more than capable of going down the very steep slide and he is 5 very soon, so I figured it was an informed ability based decision rather than an age one.  Anyway we got there and they played for about 45 minutes before the slide was opened…they only open it once every couple of hours and it is under constant supervision to make sure no-one goes until it is clear and no little ones stray on etc.  So I told Noah he could go….but he then decided he was too scared!!!!!!!!  He is apparently going to wait until he really is 5!!  I should have taken a photo of the slide…it is steep but I know of other soft play’s that have a similar slide that is just open to any daredevil!!!!!!  They all had a great time even without the slide.  I’m sure one day we’ll go back and actually go on it.

It was then time for baths and early nights ready for school in the morning….


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