Visiting Nan for New Year

We drove down to see Nan on the Friday after Richard finished work.  Caitlin played with her ipod the whole way down…..she had a great time alternating between playing games, listening to music, taking photos and taking videos…it was brilliant.  Noah played on his a bit and also watched Cars with Austin.

It was a bit wet so we didn’t get out too much but we had a good time.

They got to open their presents from Nan….

karaoke machines….a cool flower pen…

…and a very noisy police car….

Caitlin also got a pedal racer which will no doubt make for a good video post once the weather is a bit better.

We had some indoor fireworks which Noah found very exciting….

..but Austin weirdly found very scary!!  I’m not sure if he was scared of them or became scared when the person next too him got scared?

We had a great time, although the kids didn’t stay up until midnight, they were all too tired from too many late nights and early starts.  Then before we knew it, it was time to go home.


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