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Grandad’s birthday & another grotto

We went to collect the kids and say happy birthday to my Dad.  The kids opened all his presents for him….and we had cake….

After that we went to see Father Christmas in his grotto at the Trafford Centre. 

It was ok….but just ok really.  Better than others we’ve been to but not as good as Farmer Ted’s that we went to a few years back.  First of all we went in and saw a 4D film which was good, but it was hard to see the screen and they split the kids up from their parents which meant lots of the littler ones kept running to the back to see their parents (Austin included). 

Once the film was over they called out half of the children’s names and they had to go forward.  There was a lot of shoving and me & Richard ended up way back from the kids, which in the end worked out ok because we were just ushered into a room where the kids were all sat on the floor where Father Christmas was waiting to talk to them.  He had a list with everyone’s name on and he spoke to them all individually and talked about their hobbies, pets and what they had asked for for Christmas.  That part was great, they were amazed how he knew so much about them!!!!!!  Ironically the people who had pushed us out of the way to get into the room ahead of us hadn’t had their name called which meant they were in the wrong group and Father Christmas had no information about their child which was a real shame for the kids but serves the pushy parents right!!!  Another let down was the present, it was unwrapped which wasn’t great but was also a book…of which we now have 3 identical copies….

The kids loved it though…..think we might go back to Farmer Ted next year though…..

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We woke up this morning to snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Not much but just enough to stick!  It was party day at school and so Caitlin was in a not very warm party dress….that didn’t stop her desperately wanting to go outside to play in the snow!  They ate their breakfast in record time and ran outside to play before school…..

..somehow they didn’t freeze…

They had a great time and went off to school!  Me and Austin went shopping and to get my haircut where the snow seemed to be getting heavier and heavier…luckily it stopped for when we came out of the hairdressers.  That night was the last swimming lesson and then a massive rush to Richard’s work do and the kids to Nanny’s!!  Which reminds me…they all got badges at swimming last week.  Caitlin and Noah both got their 25 metre badges which I was so proud of.  I still can’t believe less than a year ago they couldn’t take a stroke unaided, but now can swim 32 metres unaided!!!!!!!!!  (The pool is 17m long so they swam a circuit of it for their badge which was 32m)  Austin also got a badge, but I’m not sure what his means he can do…. possibly swim with aids.  With his belt on he just swims around the pool for ages, without he can only do about 2 metres, but even he is making amazing progress.

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Austin’s Christmas party

We went to the playgroup Christmas party…..

…you have to buy a ticket to get in but the kids get party food and crackers and the adults get nibbles and coffee.  Austin was having a great time admiring his food (he hadn’t long had breakfast and since he has no appetite at the best of times he ate nothing) and pulling his cracker!!

The Father Christmas paid a visit!!  There were lots of tears…from Austin and a lot of the others!!  You each buy, wrap and label a present to your child and take it along, which is great because it keeps the cost of the ticket down and your child gets something they like.  Father Christmas called Austin’s name so I took him up.  He really didn’t want to go up, but he saw his present and he must have really wanted it because he suddenly decided to go up.

He really wasn’t keen but he did go up!  He looked much more relieved and happy once he got back to his seat with his prize!!!!!!

…and he was very impressed with the contents….

He was so impressed with the cars that he took them to bed tonight and snuggled up with them!!!!!  I can’t imagine they are very comfortable…..

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Gymnastics display

The last week of gymnastics lessons was a display for the parents.  Each week I get there a bit early a watch Caitlin through the window and she is quite good.  Today she was doing the display but she was terrified!!  I thought she had got much more confident, and I suppose she had because she did get up and join in the display…but I think she mainly did that because if you tell her she needs to do something she does it.  She did all of the things she was meant to but she was so scared that she could barely move properly and so she didn’t do them half as well as she can at home or that I have seen her do in the earlier classes.

After the display they all got awarded their next certificates….Caitlin got her BAGA 6…

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Ho, ho, ho and his AA

This morning I decided to take Austin to a nearby garden centre because I had been told their grotto was quite good.  They have real reindeer…..

The grotto was shut (we’d got there quite early) which was probably a good thing since Austin is terrified of Father Christmas…or ho, ho, ho as he calls him!!!  He was a bit wary of the reindeer at first but came round to them and stood close enough for a photo….

For some even more bizarre reason which I have no idea why…Austin calls reindeer AA!!!!!!!!!!!!  It’s taken me a while to work out what he meant when he kept saying AA but he is definitely referring to reindeer!!!!!!!!!!!!  He also had a quick look around the rest of the grotto before Father Christmas arrived and they started charging to get in!

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The Little Angel

Today was the first performance of The Little Angel, Caitlin and Noah’s nativity.  Their school is quite small and so the whole of the infants just do one play.  Noah was a shepherd and his costume was provided.  For Caitlin I got a note home saying she was a mince pie and to “please make a costume”…..   After quite a big search for cheap fabric and cheap hula hoops I came up with this…..

If I had to do it again I would use much thinner fabric on the bottom.  I thought stiffer would be better as it would stand up better, like a foil case but I think it would have been better if it had draped a bit.  It was one of the more spectacular costumes, so although it wasn’t as good as the idea in my head, it did look ok!!  She also struggled to sit in it!!!!!!

The play was great…only the year 2’s have speaking parts but they all remembered their lines and all of the younger ones came on at the right time and danced and sung.

As he was walking out, Noah was looking for us but couldn’t see me…..

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Gymnastics party

Noah had an invite to a gymnastics party which he was really excited about!  When we arrived the gym looked a bit crowded and I couldn’t figure out what was going to happen.  Once everyone had arrived they were told which pieces of kit they were allowed on and then they just got to run around having a go on it all.  Noah was running really fast all over the place!

…and walked along the beam…

They also had some parallel bars…

..and I was amazed he could pull himself up!!!

And they all got to jump off the boxes!!!

They all had a great time, what looked like chaos worked really well!!!

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