Sale shopping

Richard was off work and the kids had got some money for Christmas so we went sale shopping.  Caitlin had a voucher but she forgot it so she couldn’t get as much as she wanted.  She got another outfit for her build a bear, Rosie, that she got for her birthday.  Noah and Austin did really well….they bought some fake Lego that was half price so they got these 2 big boxes of bricks for £18….

Noah also got himself a hat, scarf and gloves set and a torch.  And Caitlin and Noah got headphones as the ones that came with their ipods kept falling out of their ears!  We had some lunch and looked around some other shops then we headed home to play with the Lego.  With help they all built this….

and this….

Austin really surprised me by making the little police bike completely by himself.  It wasn’t many pieces but he’s never really played with Lego before.


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