Boxing day

Richard had to be in work for 6am on Boxing day morning so we got up and had a lazy day.  We listened to their new cd’s…played on the ipods….watched some tele….and eventually when it was late enough played on the drums!  Austin spent all of his time either playing with or just holding his fireman Sam engine!!!

Once Richard was home (and Austin in bed) Noah was allowed to get his woodworking set out.  He got a set with “real” tools and fake wood.

He had a great time sawing the wood and hammering nails in, and he made himself…….

…a toolbox!!!!!  He was very pleased with it.  The set was great but you don’t seem to be able to buy more wood for it, so once your wood is sawn…it’s kind of gone!  We’ll have to look out for something that he could use in its place.

After tea they were all sharing their chocolates and sweets with us so Richard offered them one of his liqueurs.  In true Austin style of being scared of anything unidentifiable he refused his.  Caitlin went first and was very nearly sick….

…and Noah wasn’t keen either…

I think we can safely say neither of them are big Teachers Whiskey fans at the moment!!

After tea it was back to playing with fireman Sam….until Noah managed to somehow (we weren’t there so I dread to think exactly how) crash fireman Sam into Austin’s head!!!!

…so he now has one cut and one imprint of the sirens on the front of the engine!!!!!!!!!


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