He’s been!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At a very respectable 7.30am Noah finally woke the house up with “he’s been” yelled up the stairs!!!!!  They all got their stockings and took them into Caitlin’s room in the hope the shouting wouldn’t wake the neighbours from there!!  Austin was over the moon because he got to eat some chocolate before breakfast….

Once all of the stockings were investigated and some chocolate coins eaten we went downstairs to see if he had left anything else…..

Caitlin picked her smallest parcel to open first and was very pleased to discover an Ipod …..just like she had asked for….

Noah was ripping into his parcels and eventually he found the one he had been waiting for….

…and he was suitably impressed!!!!  Austin was a bit over whelmed really and just stood looking!  We had to keep telling him to open them.  Finally we got his drum set together and he was allowed to have a go even though it was just gone 8am (the neighbours were definitely awake now!!)

We then had bacon and egg butties and got dressed into our new clothes before heading off to Nanny & Grandad’s.

Once we got to Nanny’s house it was time for more presents….

umbrella, cars and a million other things for Noah….  more cars, a suitcase and a million things for Austin…

…and books, cd’s and a ton of stuff for Caitlin…

Once they had opened their things the adults all opened theirs and I got a cool campervan planter….

as well as loads of other things!

Then the rest of my family (Aunt’s & Uncles etc) arrived and it was more presents from the people who couldn’t stay for dinner.  Once they had gone we all sat down for a massive Christmas dinner….

…followed by pudding!!

Over Christmas Caitlin has been eating more and more chocolate, ice-cream and other milky things and fingers crossed she seems to be ok….so we think she may have out-grown her milk allergy!!

There are always about 20 people at my Mum’s for Christmas dinner and it is completely chaotic.  It was very funny because my great-uncle had been there for about 4 hours before noticing there were 2 small boys there and then got confused as to which one was Noah…and then asked who the other one was!!!!!  Here he is with Noah??…or is that Austin!!!!!!

After dinner was cleared away it was time for MORE presents!!!!!!!!  They all had so much stuff we couldn’t fit it in the car and have had to leave my planter and fabric I got behind!!!

Once we got home it was way past bedtime (as usual for Christmas at my Mum’s) and so they all went straight to bed and we unpacked the car!!!


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