Christmas Eve….

We spent the day wrapping the last of the presents and finishing off a bit of sewing, then we decided to go out for tea and as usual it took us longer than we expected so by the time we got home it was quite late!  Father Christmas still had chance to leave them all a special early present of new pj’s so we had a quick bath and put them on.  Noah couldn’t wait to get to bed so that Father Christmas would bring his other presents.  So they all raced off to bed with their stockings.  Austin then became hysterical about Father Christmas coming in his bedroom so we moved his stocking back outside and off he went again.  We then heard more tears…Austin had decided he wanted his stocking on his bed, I think he was worried he wouldn’t get any presents if it wasn’t in his room…so stocking on bed and Austin back in bed!!  A few minutes later..more tears….stocking back out of the room!!!!!  And again more tears…back on the bed….and finally back out of the room!!!!!  We then remembered in the rush they hadn’t left anything for Father Christmas and Rudolf so I got Caitlin and Noah up.  I left Austin for fear of sparking another in or out of the room dilemma with the stocking!!

I took them into the kitchen to get the mince pies we’d made earlier in the week and Caitlin asked if Father Christmas liked beer, so I said yes probably and she got him a beer!!!!!!!

…and off they went to bed (again!)


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