Making Christmas presents

While Caitlin was out Noah was in charge of making some more Christmas presents!!  We were making bird feeders and I had this great idea that we’d shape them using cookie cutters….so we had cars, hearts, trucks, flowers…and all kinds of shapes all filled with seeds and lard! 

…we put them in the fridge to set and went to collect Caitlin from her friend’s house.  On our way home we went for a drive to see a house that had great Christmas lights.  It took us a while to find it but we finally did….

It was quite cold so we didn’t stay long but they were very impressed with all of his lights.  This is the view from across the road!!!

After that we went home and got our bird feeders out…as we removed the cutters they all just fell apart so we pushed them into yogurt pots and gave up!!!!  We did put the extra out in the garden so although our presents were a disaster our birds are very well fed!!!!!!!!!!  Can you tell we’ve never made bird feeders at home before!!


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