Grandad’s birthday & another grotto

We went to collect the kids and say happy birthday to my Dad.  The kids opened all his presents for him….and we had cake….

After that we went to see Father Christmas in his grotto at the Trafford Centre. 

It was ok….but just ok really.  Better than others we’ve been to but not as good as Farmer Ted’s that we went to a few years back.  First of all we went in and saw a 4D film which was good, but it was hard to see the screen and they split the kids up from their parents which meant lots of the littler ones kept running to the back to see their parents (Austin included). 

Once the film was over they called out half of the children’s names and they had to go forward.  There was a lot of shoving and me & Richard ended up way back from the kids, which in the end worked out ok because we were just ushered into a room where the kids were all sat on the floor where Father Christmas was waiting to talk to them.  He had a list with everyone’s name on and he spoke to them all individually and talked about their hobbies, pets and what they had asked for for Christmas.  That part was great, they were amazed how he knew so much about them!!!!!!  Ironically the people who had pushed us out of the way to get into the room ahead of us hadn’t had their name called which meant they were in the wrong group and Father Christmas had no information about their child which was a real shame for the kids but serves the pushy parents right!!!  Another let down was the present, it was unwrapped which wasn’t great but was also a book…of which we now have 3 identical copies….

The kids loved it though…..think we might go back to Farmer Ted next year though…..


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