We woke up this morning to snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Not much but just enough to stick!  It was party day at school and so Caitlin was in a not very warm party dress….that didn’t stop her desperately wanting to go outside to play in the snow!  They ate their breakfast in record time and ran outside to play before school…..

..somehow they didn’t freeze…

They had a great time and went off to school!  Me and Austin went shopping and to get my haircut where the snow seemed to be getting heavier and heavier…luckily it stopped for when we came out of the hairdressers.  That night was the last swimming lesson and then a massive rush to Richard’s work do and the kids to Nanny’s!!  Which reminds me…they all got badges at swimming last week.  Caitlin and Noah both got their 25 metre badges which I was so proud of.  I still can’t believe less than a year ago they couldn’t take a stroke unaided, but now can swim 32 metres unaided!!!!!!!!!  (The pool is 17m long so they swam a circuit of it for their badge which was 32m)  Austin also got a badge, but I’m not sure what his means he can do…. possibly swim with aids.  With his belt on he just swims around the pool for ages, without he can only do about 2 metres, but even he is making amazing progress.


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