Austin’s Christmas party

We went to the playgroup Christmas party…..

…you have to buy a ticket to get in but the kids get party food and crackers and the adults get nibbles and coffee.  Austin was having a great time admiring his food (he hadn’t long had breakfast and since he has no appetite at the best of times he ate nothing) and pulling his cracker!!

The Father Christmas paid a visit!!  There were lots of tears…from Austin and a lot of the others!!  You each buy, wrap and label a present to your child and take it along, which is great because it keeps the cost of the ticket down and your child gets something they like.  Father Christmas called Austin’s name so I took him up.  He really didn’t want to go up, but he saw his present and he must have really wanted it because he suddenly decided to go up.

He really wasn’t keen but he did go up!  He looked much more relieved and happy once he got back to his seat with his prize!!!!!!

…and he was very impressed with the contents….

He was so impressed with the cars that he took them to bed tonight and snuggled up with them!!!!!  I can’t imagine they are very comfortable…..


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