The Little Angel

Today was the first performance of The Little Angel, Caitlin and Noah’s nativity.  Their school is quite small and so the whole of the infants just do one play.  Noah was a shepherd and his costume was provided.  For Caitlin I got a note home saying she was a mince pie and to “please make a costume”…..   After quite a big search for cheap fabric and cheap hula hoops I came up with this…..

If I had to do it again I would use much thinner fabric on the bottom.  I thought stiffer would be better as it would stand up better, like a foil case but I think it would have been better if it had draped a bit.  It was one of the more spectacular costumes, so although it wasn’t as good as the idea in my head, it did look ok!!  She also struggled to sit in it!!!!!!

The play was great…only the year 2’s have speaking parts but they all remembered their lines and all of the younger ones came on at the right time and danced and sung.

As he was walking out, Noah was looking for us but couldn’t see me…..


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