Christmas craft morning

While I was at playgroup earlier in the week they had invited us to a Christmas craft morning which was free and sounded good so we went before ballet.  First of all they were given a tour of the church nativity set which was amazing!!  They went to Bethlehem….

It was a scene made from old polystyrene blocks.  Next was the stable where they all got to have a hold of baby Jesus…

There was also a giant model of an angel and the shepherds with their sheep.  Outside were the 3 kings….

…with their camels!!!!!!  I don’t know who had made them all, but they were great!

After the tour of the nativity there was a quiz which we got all correct and won sweets, then there were loads of crafty activities to do, while they had some cake and a drink.  They made stars, angels, crowns, cards, fingers puppets and then we ran out of time!!!!!!!

There were other things we could have done if we’d have had the time, it was a great morning!!



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