Portable North Pole

The portable north pole is a website where you can enter children’s details and Father Christmas leaves them a message.  I did one for each of them telling Father Christmas their name, age, what they want for Christmas and if they have been good or bad!

Caitlin got to watch hers first…..  She was amazed that Father Christmas knew her name and age etc and towards the end of the message the elves jump about and pull loads of levers while they find out if you have been good or bad.  Caitlin looked petrified while they were looking up her file….

She was actually shaking!  When the green light went on and the elves danced about she was over the moon!!!!!!

Next was Noah’s turn….he was also made up that Father Christmas knew him and what he wanted….

…then the elves looked his file up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And on came the red light!!!!!!!!!  Noah has been a little monster recently so I did him a naughty message!  Father Christmas then told him he had a while til Christmas and he had to be good!!  He looked quite shocked….

…but then within minutes he was grabbing toys off Austin and jumping on him!!!!!!!  Oh well hopefully it will work!!!!

Austin was next and he just looked confused…..

…but then was very pleased when the elves said he’d been good!!

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