Decorating the tree!!

Finally we got a tree!  We were dithering over a real or fake tree.  Real ones seem to have got really expensive and they are the wrong shape and size for our tiny alcove that is the only free space for a tree!  So we went for a fake one….  One day when we have a big enough house we’ll have both…one for kids decorations and one coordinated one!!

The kids decorated it…so it is a bit uneven!

They managed to get the decorations all over the height of the tree, but they liked putting lots on one branch then none on big patches!!  Austin couldn’t reach the top but he was quite concerned that certain ornaments went there….

They have each picked a new ornament again and they went on too….

Our new tree has different types of branches, some are thicker than others…one ornament wasn’t quite on a thick branch and so it fell off and broke!  I am gutted…it was one of my favourites…


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