Santa’s little helper

I was santa’s helper at the school Christmas fair!!!!!!  Each year they have a grotto with Father Christmas and I was down to help in it.  It was really good, I got to watch loads of kids go in and say what they wanted which ranged from kids who were dumbstruck and forgot what they wanted… to ones who wanted dog’s and rabbits…to those who wanted almost everything!

At the beginning of the fair Caitlin was at ballet and Noah was at a party so they didn’t come until near the end.  Austin refused to go near Father Christmas…or ho ho ho as he calls him!!  Caitlin and Noah went in and the first thing Noah asked was if he really was Father Christmas!!!!!! 

He is far too switched on (and cheeky) for his own good!!  It would never cross Caitlin’s mind that it wasn’t really Father Christmas!!!!!!  After grilling him about how he had got there (with his reindeer) the whereabouts of the reindeer (coming back later)…Noah finally accepted he was Father Christmas and told him what he wants…a toy drag car.  Caitlin told him she’d like a barbie ballerina so the one she has can have a friend to dance with.

In true Noah style when Father Christmas gave them both a present he asked if Austin could have one too.  Noah is always really worried about people being left out….Father Christmas thought he was very funny!!

After the grotto they all had a go of some of the crafts dotted about and we bought the Christmas decorations that they had made in class.

We had baileys cookies which were gorgeous and the kids had a cake each too!!

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