Strike day

The teachers at school were striking so we had a day off…I had the great idea of going to the Christmas markets.  As we waited for the train I realised how busy it was going to be, everyone seemed to have the same idea!  The train was packed we could barely move.  Once we got to town we wandered around the shops for a bit, then we went to watch the march go past.  Caitlin and Noah were watching out incase their teachers were marching but we didn’t see anyone we knew.  After the march we walked back up through the markets but the food stalls were too busy to get anything to eat at so we left the markets to eat and then came back later.

We then got some mini pancakes for pudding and I had a mulled wine.  The kids wanted to try so I let them…..

…I’m not sure it was that popular with them….

..Noah nearly choked on his!!  Even Austin decided he wanted to try….

…although they all asked for more when I took it back!!!!!!!!  we had a good time at the markets but it was too busy to enjoy properly

…people kept cutting in front of the pram and so I’d lose sight of Caitlin and Noah until they stopped and caused a big traffic jam!!! 

It was then time to head home and meet Richard for tea!!  A fantastic spare day off….


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