I’ve kind of been growing Austin’s hair.  It’s a bit curly and so it looks quite good a bit longer, but it was starting to get a bit scruffy looking.  Normally I cut all of their hair but I have no idea how to cut an actual style so I took Austin to our local hairdressers for his first proper hair cut.  He was very unimpressed with the whole experience….

…and I have to say I was a bit unimpressed with the end result…I’m sure I could have done as good a job myself….Richard thinks it’s a bit bowl like!!!!!!

While we were there I decided to get Caitlin’s cut as it hasn’t been done in ages and it’s starting to get straighter so it’s getting harder.  Caitlin asked if she could have it cut into a bob and since she’s a bit older now I let her pick the style.  She explained to the lady what she wanted and this is how she looks now….

…very grown up and very different!!!!!  As she cut it the curls all dropped off and none sprang back…so it looks like her hair is pretty much straight now!!

The woman did use straighteners on it so it’s not quite as straight as the photo and I won’t be using straighteners on her so I doubt it will look this good after a night’s sleep!!!!!!  She is very pleased with it though and has had lots of compliments….


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