Rainbow day out

All of the Stockport rainbows were invited on a day out and I went along to help out our group.  A few rainbow groups had got together and hired a coach to get to the Guide’s holiday house in the middle of nowhere!!  When we arrived they were sent to play in the playground while they sorted out the groups…..

It was great there were loads of kids all in the playground but they all seemed to get on great….

We got split into groups and our group was on the mystery walk first.  We did a 3 or 4 mile walk around the surrounding fields, through a farm and back to the Guide house.  We went quite high up and it was really foggy!!  We went over a troll bridge!!  Also past lots of cow poo which seemed to be the highlight for them all!  As part of one of their badges they had to go through mud…and there was plenty of that so they all got to tick that off their badge!

We then went back to the house for an indoor picnic and then our group was split down into 5 smaller groups and we rotated around the activities.  They got to do some orienteering where they had to search out the markers, stamp their card and get back to base.

…it involved going into the nearby fields where the fog came down again and they really struggled to find the markers!!

They also got to make a caterpillar peg, cook dampers on a campfire, make bird feeders and make campfire biscuits…

…which were really cool…and they got to eat them as they looked a bit delicate to take home!

At the end of the day they also got another badge to sew on their t-shirts which they were all really pleased with.  It was a great day out, they all had a brilliant time and it was nice to meet all the other rainbows from nearby.


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