We got back from Blackpool just in time to carve our pumpkins…..

…and I managed to get both of them to let me pick the design!!!!!  I had seen a cool idea on the internet and really wanted to try it!

Once I told them what it was they were both very keen!!  I drew the design on for them and they cut them out.  Noah’s is on the left and Caitlin’s on the right!  (Austin was asleep!!)

Noah had also asked to go trick or treating so I said I would take them.  I still feel funny about trick or treating….I have no objections to people calling to us I just feel weird knocking on strangers doors.  We always put a pumpkin out to show we are happy for people to call so we called at all the houses near to us that had a pumpkin or decorations up.

The kids had a great time, although Noah was funny…he was giving his sweets out to everyone he met, especially the adults who didn’t have their own sweets!  He has also shared his sweets with everyone each time I have said he can have some.

I think we will be eating sweets for weeks to come!!!!!!!


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