Blackpool Illuminations

Back in July Gemma spotted an offer for cheap travelodge rooms so we each booked one for during the lights.  We parked the cars and headed down to the Pleasure Beach where we waited for the dancing fountain show.  The kids had a great time running in and out of the jets, but we’d told them not to get wet as we had no spare clothes and were intending to stay out until the lights got switched on…..

…of course Noah got his timing wrong and ended up getting quite wet….so we put him in here….

It is a big people dryer that blows warm air at you!!  The others managed to stay pretty much dry….

…we tried out the maze but it wasn’t very pram friendly and we never did make it to the middle, but they enjoyed it.

We also saw a magic show and went on a train ride with apparently scary tunnels!!!!

and had some chips that were served in a little bucket with a spade!!  I liked those!  And candyfloss….

…and the kids went on a ride…

…and we just missed the actual switch on, but I don’t think the kids noticed.  We got back on the tram and went to the very end of the lights where I discovered that even though I go to the lights every year I have always missed the best bit!!!!!!!  I just thought the lights were the overhead ones like these…

…but Gemma showed us the start of the lights where there are massive displays on the side of the road like this…..

We had a chippy tea by the big lights…you have to have chippy tea in Blackpool!!  Got back on the tram and went back to check into our rooms.  We just about managed a few drinks in the bar before everyone was too tired and we went to bed.

The next day we went to Stanley Park which was great.  There is a massive playground which in the summer must be amazing…but probably very packed!!

…then it was off for lunch before heading home.  It was a fantastic weekend, think we might stay over for the lights again, and definitely go to the start of the lights!!!!


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