Dinosaurs and Amy’s birthday

We all went over to Liverpool for Amy’s birthday and we went along to the dinosaur exhibition at the museum.

It was quite a short exhibition but the models were really good….Noah loved them





There was also a computer where you could create your own scrapbook of the exhibition which we can access at home…

Austin was very unsure of the big model so Nanny took him through while Noah had a proper look.  Caitlin seemed to have got used to them by now and also stopped to look.


After the dinosaurs we went back to Nanny’s to give Amy her presents and cards.  Caitlin had drawn a split screen camper on her card, not really sure why she pictures a camper as being a splitty since we have a bay, but split screens are the coolest and her picture totally from memory was ace!!  It even had a spare wheel on the front…”because some do” she said!!





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