The trial…

Well….Caitlin went for her trial.  I thought she was trying out for the gymnastics school, as in just jumping the queue for lessons with a view to progressing onto the competition team.  Turns out she was actually trying out to join the competitive squad!!  Given she has never done gymnastics before this term it’s no surprise she didn’t get in.  But it wasn’t an outright no.  The woman assessing her was amazed she’d only had 7 school based lessons and did seem impressed with what she could do, but said she was very young and too “raw”.  She has given her some targets to work towards and has asked to see her again in a few months.  She also spoke to Mark, the school coach, and gave him some things to get Caitlin working on.  So not a yes but still very positive and she seems keen on practising her exercisies….so we shall see!!  To be fair when we watched the girls in the team, they were all quite a bit bigger than Caitlin and all amazing!!  They were so bendy and back flipping all over the place!!!


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