A very pleasant surprise!!

Today I went to collect Caitlin from her after school club.  On Wednesday’s she does gymnastics…  Today when I arrived she said she had a stomach ache so I told her to get changed and we’d go home and see how she felt.  I noticed she had a certificate and she had been awarded level 7 gymnastics, so I made her think about that and how good it was.  As I was waiting for her to finish getting changed Mark the coach came over and asked if I was Caitlin’s mum.  I said yes assuming he was about to tell me she wasn’t feeling well…  He told me he has been watching Caitlin since week one of gymnastics and has noticed she has a real talent.  I was completely amazed and very pleased!  I knew she was really enjoying gymnastics but had no idea she was good at it.  He then asked how I would feel about her trying out for the south Manchester competitive squad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Funnily I had called that gymnastics club last year to ask about her joining as she has said she wanted to do gymnastics for ages.  I was told there were no places and the waiting list is so long it is closed…I explained this to Mark and he said yes they have closed their waiting lists but they always look out for talent at the school clubs they coach at, and since she looks good she would skip the list and get a place!!!  She loves going so I’ve agreed to a trial with the competitive team and we’ll see how she gets on!  I am so proud (and still a bit amazed!!) hopefully she’ll enjoy it there as much as she does at the school club.


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  1. Liz

    Well Done, Caitlin!

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